May 26, 2004



2000年 アメリカ



「アルマゲドン」「パールハーバー」などのヒットメーカー ジェリー・ブラッカイマーが贈る、ニューヨークに実在するクラブ・バー「コヨーテ・アグリー」を舞台に、それぞれの夢を追うタフでセクシーな女たちのエネルギッシュな姿を描いたエンターテイメント。主演であり本作がデビュー作となるパイパー・ペラーボの魅力的な歌声が印象的。

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“Azorka, Azorka,” he mumbled in a quavering, aged voice. “Azorka!”
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“He’s sure to forgive us, though perhaps not at once. But what then? I’ll show him that I have character. He’s always scolding me for not having character, for being feather-headed. He shall see now whether I’m feather-headed. To be a married man is a serious thing. I shan’t be a boy then. . . . I mean I shall be just like other people . . . that is, other married men. I shall live by my own work. Natasha says that’s ever so much better than living at other people’s expense, as we all do. If you only knew what a lot of fine things she says to me! I should never have thought of it myself ? I’ve not been brought up like that, I haven’t been properly educated. It’s true, I know it myself, I’m feather-headed and scarcely fit for anything; but, do you know, a wonderful idea occurred to me the day before yesterday. I’ll tell you now though it’s hardly the moment, for Natasha, too, must hear, and you’ll give me your advice. You know I want to write stories and send them to the magazines just as you do. You’ll help me with the editors, won’t you? I’ve been reckoning upon you, and I lay awake all last night thinking of a novel, just as an experiment, and do you know, it might turn out a charming thing. I took the subject from a comedy of Scribe’s. . . . But I’ll tell you it afterwards. The great thing is they would pay for it. . . . You see, they pay you.”
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And I motioned towards Natasha, who had turned deadly pale at my words. I was merciless.
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“Yes, you want to go to Newport; that’s what you want to do.” Mr. Westgate was very positive. “But let’s see ? when did you get here?”
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“Yes, it’s all right, of course, when it’s successful, Ivan Petrovitch,” she said, “but all of a sudden there’ll be a failure or something of the sort; and what then? If only you had a post somewhere!”
プラダ バッグ 激安
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