June 12, 2004

瀬戸朝香 写真集

瀬戸朝香写真集NO.2 ASIAN

発売日 2004/05/26 日本

    藤代 冥砂 (写真)





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And with a rapid, unconscious movement of his hand he pointed to the foggy vista of the street, lighted up by the street-lamps dimly twinkling in the damp mist, to the dirty houses, to the wet and shining flags of the pavement, to the cross, sullen, drenched figures that passed by, to all this picture, hemmed in by the dome of the Petersburg sky, black as though smudged with Indian ink. We had by now come out into the square; before us in the darkness stood the monument, lighted up below by jets of gas, and further away rose the huge dark mass of St. Isaac’s, hardly distinguishable against the gloomy sky.
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“Littledale said his wife was great fun,” Lord Lambeth then contributed.
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