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10. Posted by Henry   August 03, 2006 03:15
3 Zeit ist Geld.
11. Posted by Liza   August 10, 2006 11:26
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19. Posted by Anna   August 19, 2006 02:59
2 Madchen, die pfeifen und Hennen (Hahnen), die krahn, soll man beizeiten den Hals herumdrehn.
20. Posted by Sam   August 19, 2006 20:23
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21. Posted by Stanly   August 20, 2006 06:30
4 Zeit ist Geld.
22. Posted by Olivia   August 31, 2006 03:59
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23. Posted by Milosh   September 07, 2006 21:32
1 If it is worth doing at all, it's worth doing it right.
24. Posted by Scott   September 07, 2006 21:33
2 Gluck im Spiel, Ungluck in der Liebe.
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47. Posted by RXRonnie   July 17, 2011 06:45

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50. Posted by PreequePlayef   November 09, 2011 12:21
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51. Posted by avaiptori   November 11, 2011 22:39
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52. Posted by Idionereomtit   November 13, 2011 16:11
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53. Posted by Apossybyday   November 16, 2011 22:00
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54. Posted by Apossybyday   November 17, 2011 02:32
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55. Posted by nawRareempase   November 18, 2011 13:05
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56. Posted by Equakhasknugs   November 20, 2011 03:04
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57. Posted by rarfalobbella   November 22, 2011 04:49
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58. Posted by Thencycah   November 24, 2011 13:57
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� �韲裨�鴾�, �
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59. Posted by Crarieseerala   November 25, 2011 21:11
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60. Posted by Elategalp   November 27, 2011 04:05
1 夾鞐肛� 粤�鉋跏頌纈 竡謗碵.
羅�鉋銹� 銜碆鞐�萵瑩� 銜 驍鉞� 粽鼇繪, 褌邃� 粮髓蓊璢�� 瘤諷� 碼骼褌竡 闔謗聽辷� � 釶繿鰲. 汳� 轢茆矗纈�� 骰釶蒟跪�.
61. Posted by mayombmyday   November 28, 2011 05:24
1 綜譛�蓁髓碆 蒟 轢� - �鴈 辣 踵. 沃�� 踵驪� - �鴈 �黽蒹 體聹纃��; 轢�� 肆芻� - 跏跏褓��; 轢�� 髓鞐髓� - �蓿瑩�!
62. Posted by Damnaspepsync   November 29, 2011 13:39
1 恍釶� 矼齏齟� 驍錮 跪謗粮髓�, � 竡鴈� 粤諤鴾 碌�, - 鴈譛褌 辣 碌鰰矗鴾 鞐邇, 辣 艢辷赭鴾�� 竏跋瑜鱶褌� � 辣 癪鴾 闔諷芻 �諷邇� 釶繿鰲.
63. Posted by Suissulkkew   November 30, 2011 02:51
1 <p>
虫碆���, �鴈 辣鼬纃蒹 關蓁�鴾 闔鱚顰 � �鴈 鈔轢 蒟 �鉋� 痳苴跏�, 轢矼齏鈬 �鴈 鰰�, 邇 蓁釿籥 �鴈 繖蓁髓矼迯 髀鉐釶 碼肆鴾�</p><p>
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歴闢髓�, 辣 碼闢驫�� 蒟 驟鞣��.</p><p>
嚆艷瑩� 碌繝籥 竡鞐舮� 諷笳�, �繻 鉐鰰矗鴾��.</p><p>
沃矼齏鈬, 碌� 鞐髑鰰矗辷� 闔粮瘢� 關肛 � 釶顋矗. 凰跪� 驪鈕邇� � 鞳�蓿�. 圃� 鴈譛褌 鉅琅纔� � 碆舮齦�, 鱚痳 關葢纈�� 銜闢髓蓿�.</p><p>
�韲琿� 轢髓齒璢� 鞐逵�� 鉐鈑轢辷� 驍鉞� �黷髓�.</p>
64. Posted by Inociatascada   December 01, 2011 06:19
綜譛�蒹 粤逵竏 譫��� 鱶�蓁�

怛謗矼褥 逑聽� 驍鉗 粮�,

� � 粮赭 �鴈癪 韲� 騾�,

� 闔 騾糂 �鴈� 痳窶� 髮�,

� � 髮轢 �鴈癪 癪� 瘰瑩.

恍釶 聽轢 辣 糂鞐 癪諤

� �鴈� 謌�鉤 癪諤 �鉋銹�,

� 纖� �鴈� � 痼迥� 諷聳�

匁諡蓆� 粮諡瑁鈞 冽�.
65. Posted by insincenexuaw   December 03, 2011 05:01
羅瘤 � 闔�� 艢笂瘠纃邇� 肆芻� 跪繪,

刹繚� 閠鬻蔘 � 骼諷逶� 碆糴 跪鞳�,

俥� � 瘠琅纃逶� 闔褌� 闔驪� 髓鞐髓逶� 齣蓚蓍,

絶驫蓍 闍瑕纃� � 謌�� 銜瘠繿� 黹瑜�蔘 髓鞐髓繪.
66. Posted by EstaceGes   December 05, 2011 09:01
帝� 踈脉蓁� 辣� 辷�繝� 驟襃黴譛辣�, �繻 聽逋蓁� 轢 粮閠跏辣
67. Posted by PreomsoutPram   December 12, 2011 11:08
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� � �鴈 踈脉蓁�? 約胥褌� 鉋窶芟 鰰� 關蓐蓿萵纃, �鴈 粳� 鴈竡, �鴈癪 轢闊騾鴾 � 辣�, �矗鱶� �蓊鈞釿� 謌髓�!
68. Posted by AftettePneuse   December 14, 2011 05:46
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69. Posted by StaileZisuali   December 19, 2011 15:46
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70. Posted by Euroharortuse   December 24, 2011 06:54
麗�鴾 硅瑜鴾 閻鞳跂辷諤髴!

菩辷 髓��� 陷�逶�, �謗阮� 艢關�聽迯!
71. Posted by steefreby   December 25, 2011 22:59
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72. Posted by LymnInsenty   December 27, 2011 12:21
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<a href=>砒謗� 褌跫鱚鞐 鞳跪迺</a>
<a href=>袱� 骼舮瑩� �蓚 轢 褌跫鱚鞳</a>

褞� 闊�纈 窶粮髓� � 蓁鱚齏纈�
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73. Posted by MilerGGyty   January 15, 2012 01:43
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74. Posted by Pikulwwvopty   January 26, 2012 03:19
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泌矼髓邇髓 <a href=>粤碆�褂 跪驫碼</a> � 竡韲粤 野驫碼 辣 蓐繞� 釿鞐辷�纃蓍. � 袱聹 粱繻 跋鈕繿鰲� 齣謫� �韲髓蓿齟褂 野驫碼 黷繼蔟萵璢鴆�, 邇 碆�, 髀鞐矼粳萵鉐鱶 鞐粫, 轢粮 驫瑯瑩�, �鴈 聽逋蓁� 關繖髓珥蓿繼辷 鴃黽纃蔬 蓁鱶赭 舮繿� 碌繝籥 �矗鰰謗, 籥聽 � 粽繧辷� 碚繻纃�. � �鴈 辣 髓鞐迯�, 矼糶 轢 騾跪� 粤諷 關鉐鱶鴦鳧� 野驫碼 髀鉐釶逶 關繖鉐鰰礦鴾 闔謐 髀繩鴈� 驟襃 芻琲鉤髓矗, 辣 鴃縺�� 癈裙鴈�, 碆粨� � 驪珞鉐鱚�, 關� �鴈� 蔘 關繖謗聽辷� 闔 粤逵窶� �硴� 辣 癈粤� 碚瑯鼬蓿繼邇.<a href=>關鉐鱶鴦鳧� 跪驫碼</a> 黽� 籥硴� 癪謌 闔髓��迯�, 邇 聽諤迯� 闔驟鱶鱚��� 鞐芻銕瘰瑯逶� 閻鞳籥� � 邇�邇� 肆芻�, � 鰰裝� 竇韲蓁�跏 蓁鱚鞨. � �鴈, 闔 體鱶, 粤諤纈 蓐 粮闔謐蓿繼逑 齣謫笂, 闔驫鉉� 關繖謗聽辷� 芻琲鉤髓矗 粳� 驟襃� � 痳� 鴈竡 矼髴赭 闔闢��齏� � 轢�繪 髓鞐辣. 吶� 辣 跂辣�, 闔髓��迯 裨蒹迺� � sex 粤碆�褂 釶驪黽萵珱鴆� � 鞐芻 鞐蜴轢� 野驫碼. 代糶 <a href=>痼辷 跪驫碼</a>, 粮髓珥���� 蓐 轢驪琅粤辷�, 釶逶, � 芻珱�, �鴈 袱聹鉤� 踈脉蓁� 逅珥蓿��, � �鴈 � 辣�. 沃關蓐辮, 辣 鰰� 黽 � 鴃黻邇 轢蜥� � 野驫矼 蔡鱶迯 闔裨鉈辷褌� 闊袱迺邇竡, 鴃琿髑繩體琺� 跪驫碼 � 粽黹蔘 關��硅纃蓍, 褌鴈顋� 纖� 辣 鰰� 籥硴� 髣蓿琺蔡� ��竓� 竡碆�� 辣 關蓚蔟逶跏. 吶閻顫 聽 <a href=>shemale</a> 硼鉉辣 繿鱚髓矼迯�, � 轢 關繖闔諤窶繻釿� 竡髓� 碌繝籥 轢蜆纈�� 驍鈬 關繖謗聽辷�.關鉐鱶鴦鳧� 跪驫碼

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75. Posted by scectendush   February 11, 2012 09:18
1 <a href=><IMG></IMG> <IMG></IMG> <IMG></IMG></a>
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76. Posted by Trerloart   February 18, 2012 14:26
1 1約譛� - <a href=>骭銜鞳鴾 踈譛鱶褂</a> 痳髀諤鴉�. 宕纃繖繼逶 釶邇硅纃�� 鞐逵�� 銓蔬葯譛邇竡 碼�鈔� 轢 �褓琿�. 泌矼髓逶� 闔頏琺 們髑蓙 � 槽諤頌驤�. 野驫矗 � 隷驫 骭銜��� 轢�.
77. Posted by HREKqgfruws   April 10, 2012 06:54
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<i><a href=>褌跫纃騾��� 艢 蔡闔譛芬矗辷� 謌�邇竡 珥鴈跪瘉�� � 驪黽縺逶� �繼�� 關鈞鈔褂</a></i> 剋矼鴦� 退� 闔蔡袱鴾 騾蜥, 骼 髓瑩��跏 闔 蓁鱚鞳體�� 退� 鱚跂. <b><a href=>褌跫纃騾��� 艢 蔡闔譛芬矗辷� 謌�邇竡 珥鴈跪瘉�� 關鈞鈔褂</a></b> 野笂 關繖謗肆鴾 艢蜥� 轢 騾蜥, � 釿韲跋 褌謌�繿鰲鉤 髓瑩繪 闔 蓁鱚鞳體�� 退� 鱚跂.<u><a href=>鞐髟鈔� 轢 蔡闔譛芬矗辷� 謌�邇竡 珥鴈跪瘉��</a></u>
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<a href=>coach 福袋</a> <a href=>コーチ バッグ 斜めがけ</a>


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